The Feminist inter/Modernist Association (FiMA) is the professional organization for the forthcoming journal Feminist Modernist Studies. FiMA offers support to scholars working on women writers, feminists, and culture-makers of the late 19th through the mid-20th century (1870-1970). Emphasizing modern women, gender, sexuality and feminist issues, the society offers networking and resources for ongoing work in the burgeoning, feminist areas of cultural studies and global, transnational studies; for the recovery of underexplored or “lost” women writers and producers of art/culture; and for new developments in feminist critical theory. By opening up space for discussions about the limitations of period and genre on women’s literary and cultural history, FiMA members actively rethink categories and definitions of modernism, modernity, and cultural studies from a feminist perspective. Open to researchers, teachers, and common readers, the association provides a network for feminist scholarship.

FiMA organizers are Sarah Cornish, University of Northern Colorado, and Julie Vandivere, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.